New Construction

A new home is one of the biggest investments a homeowner can make. Protecting a new home from costly future efficiency issues starts during construction. At Garside Insulation, we help savvy homeowners protect their investment by insulating their new home with the OPTIMA blown in batt system.

Garside Insulation was one of the first contractors in the area to offer the OPTIMA blown in batt system. This revolutionary system dramatically increases the efficiency of your new home and ensures years of cost savings and comfortable living.

How Does OPTIMA Work?

OPTIMA Fiber Glass Insulation is blown behind a special OPTIMA fabric. This allows the insulation to completely fill the wall space, eliminating voids around wires, electrical boxes and pipes. The OPTIMA system provides one of the highest R-Values possible in typical side-wall applications, providing an amazing R-23 in 2″ x 6″ walls.

Additionally, by filling all the voids and gaps in a wall, the OPTIMA system significantly reduces the unwanted noise from traffic, appliances, TVs, stereos and heating or cooling systems.

Finally, the unique design of the OPTIMA system keeps the insulation from settling or separating, which means the insulation will keep its thermal efficiency and sound-reducing properties for the life of your new home!

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